Laser Liposuction in St. Louis

Non-Invasive Liposuction Service

One of the most innovative approaches to removing unwanted fat deposits, laser liposuction is a safe, efficient, and comfortable method available for all patients. Laser liposuction was approved by the FDA in 2006 and has become a patient-preferred method of painless fat removal. During the procedure, a laser is used to dissolve fat deposits and then tighten the surrounding skin. Once the unwanted fat is removed through suctioning, the aesthetic effects are long-lasting. Patients often elect to use laser liposuction for it’s successful sculpting results. Laser liposuction is performed without the use of general anesthesia, thus reducing risks associated with extended hospital stays and surgical procedures.  Treatments only last an hour and patients are free to leave immediately after. The experts at St Louis Laser Lipo Service perform this excellent service for patients all over the St. Louis area.

laser liposuction weight loss in st. louis

There are a few qualifications that a patient must bee to be a good candidate for this procedure. Patients who are considering laser liposuction should be over-all healthy, active, and an have appropriate weight to height proportion.  Laser liposuction is not intended as a weight loss solution alone. It can help patients remove fat deposits that haven’t disappeared with diet or exercise, however, a healthy lifestyle that promotes daily physical activity and a well-rounded diet is paramount in achieving desired results.

Before and After Laser Lipo

the result of laser liposuction on rear end
abdominal weight loss post laser liposuction
before laser lipo procedure
laser lipo performed in the st. louis area

The Laser Liposuction Process

Laser liposuction is performed from the comfort of a licensed medical professional’s office.  Local anesthetic will be applied to the areas, which will be clearly marked, that are to be treated.. The physician will then use a laser to go over the areas that have been marked.  This laser will cause the fat cells to break up and liquify. The laser also has an effect on the small blood vessels near the surface of the skin.  They will coagulate and thus cause less bleeding and swelling following the procedure . Once the fat cells begin to liquify, they are safely suctioned away with the use of a microcannula. This entire process will also lead to some skin tightening which only enhances the final result.